How to Increase the Value of Your Home

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If you are expecting to sell soon, you can boost demand for your home by selecting improvements that are popular amongst today’s home buyers. This could mean fitting stainless steel appliances and quartz countertops in the kitchen.

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Minor finishes may also influence buyer interest while keeping upgrade expenses low. Consider minimal modifications such as replacing brass doorknobs and locks to brushed nickel or switching out yellow incandescent bulbs for brighter LED lights.

Home-buyers have a tendency to place a greater importance on Eco-friendly features, due to both a larger emphasis on environmental concerns and a appreciation that energy efficiency saves money on their utility costs. 

If you are updating home appliances like your microwave and furnace, look out for power-efficient equipment that can reduce the cost of your electricity and gas charges.

You might also think about updating to a smart thermostat that enhances energy efficiency. This type of thermostat saves you cash every month on your utility costs.

Realtor agents speak about “curb appeal” for a good reason: First impressions have a great affect on the value of your home. Inexpensive landscaping and other small improvements to the front of your exterior may raise its value to both appraisers visiting your home and prospective buyers looking for a house of their own.

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Bathrooms and kitchens are generally considered as the rooms in a house that make the greatest impact on home-buyers. They are also the quickest elements of your interior to become old as appliances, finishes, and other design drop out of fashion.

This makes bathroom and kitchen improvements an exceptional location to spend your cash. Bathrooms are a superb choice for upgrades and renewals, especially if you are adding a new bathroom or increasing from a half-bath to a full bath.

If your house has an unfinished basement or other incomplete rooms, developing this space may be a low-cost way to increase the value to your house.

If you build a bedroom in an unfinished basement, you can effortlessly add more than 100 square feet to your home’s footage and adding an additional bedroom that will boost the value to your home.

Lots of homes are valued by multiplying the square footage by a similar rate for that type of home in your area, so increasing this square footage can increase your selling price.

House looking a little worn inside or out? A paint job has a low cost for materials, but it may have a large impact on the interest of your home.

Whether you are painting your living room, bedrooms or the front door of your house, a coat of bright paint will make old surfaces appear brand-new and add some immediate appeal to your home.

These small modifications can enhance the comfort of your home and they can also increase the future price if you want to sell. A house that increases value over time will give a large financial help when you are ready to upgrade to a larger home.

Lots of home buyers are concern about buying a house that will require frequent maintenance like replacing a main component before putting it up for sale, like the furnace, water heater or the roof.

Upgrades that make things easy to maintain and clean can increase house value. Think about replacing carpet with hardwood flooring or change high-maintenance wood siding with vinyl siding.

Energy saving features can have a substantial effect on house value, depending on what area of the country you live in. Energy-efficient mortgages (EEMs) let borrowers to take on additional debt to cover both the buying of the house as well as energy-efficient enhancements. EEMs may also provide lower mortgage rates to increase buying power.

Think about double-pane windows, improved attic insulation, LED lighting and efficient appliances are a way to increase house value and attract energy-conscious buyers.

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If you are happy to go larger, install solar panels on the roof. Thirty-nine percent of agents surveyed said solar panels increased apparent property value. Solar panels are a large financial and structural obligation but only make sense if you are expecting to increase value over the long term, and not looking for a fast increase in resale value.

Book an appraisal with a certified energy auditor or your utility company to establish where your house is wasting energy and which enhancements will save you the most cash.

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